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All due respect to The Monkees and 'Sleepy Jean' but the 6 o'clock alarm most definitely rang 😴

# With a drive time of 3 hours each way we can now make a day trip of it to visit my wife's parents. Much better than the 5+ hours each way before they moved.

The M180 was partly closed due to roadworks which meant taking an alternative route. I've never driven over the Humber Bridge before so decided to go that way — one of the diversions suggested by Google Maps.

It's certainly an impressive structure, once the world's longest single span suspension bridge for cars, but it wasn't as big as I was expecting with two lanes in each direction. I'm used to driving over the Dartford bridge with four lanes each way.

On each side of the bridge, lower than the road surface, are walking/cycling paths. The layout had the weird effect of making me feel like I was going to go off the side of the bridge. I don't know if anyone else is affected by it that way. Consequently, I couldn't really enjoy the view as I was concentrating on the road.

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