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Chris mentioned that he is reluctant to create a blogroll in case he 'might offend someone if I don't include them' or later removes them. I think this is where the 'readroll' concept (that's what I'm going to start calling it) is good as you're just listing what you read. This is bound to change periodically so the roll is only ever a point-in-time thing.

# In other news, post editing is now in Carousel. There's still lots to do but the basics are done. It's a fun experiment mucking about with this. You can have a look here. (I've also now stripped out the dependency on jQuery.)

# Manu linked to my ebook, It's Only Words in his post Writing about writing. I'm honoured that he would include the recommendation in his list of folks that write about writing.

I really need to go back and edit/rewrite it at some stage. It's still very much in first draft territory and can be hard to read in some places.

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