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This is not a weeknote

I don't do weeknotes, usually because I tend to post quite frequently so would just be repeating myself. That's not been happening so this is whatever it is...

Having not written anything on the site for two weeks, blog posts or journal, is a pretty reliable barometer of my mental health. Work stress has been leaching out into general apathy and, as is my way, I've been burying myself elsewhere as an avoidance mechanism.

The recent foray back into World of Warcraft didn't last very long; I levelled a new character from 1-60 in short order but as soon as I hit the Dragonflight content again remembered why I didn't like it and got bored very quickly. I only made it three additional levels before stopping again.

And here's where the burying myself comes in.

I instead decided to play WoW Classic: Seasons of Discovery and have gotten to max level of the current season. I'm not sure if I've explicitly enjoyed playing the old content again or just submerged myself in something that has served primarily as a distraction over the past couple of weeks.

With not posting has come not reading or, at most, reading very little. I decided to declare RSS bankruptcy a few days ago marking hundreds of items as read – I've just not had the headspace to go through them, and that's okay. I don't have to feel bad about not reading them, that's the way things go sometimes.

After I finally stopped testing positive for covid I started feeling a bit better (another cold has set in now, however) and my ears stopped ringing. So, on a positive note, I've finally managed to finish the new track 1 I was working on – it's taken just over a month but most of that time wasn't spent anywhere near my gear. Physically or mentally. I'm hoping to have it up on Bandcamp soon. Having that hanging over me for so long was quite stressful; the sensible thing might have been to just abandon it but I knew it was worth completing.

I suppose that and this post indicate an upturn in my mood, if only slight, which is good. I've not gotten back to all my emails yet but have, at least, replied to those folks who were kind enough to reach out over the past couple of weeks and check up on me. That means so much and I really appreciate the messages and that they took the time to reach out.

I'm not going to pretend that everything is getting back to normal and I don't know how much I'll post and when, but it feels good to be typing this. I feel like things have been unblocked, if only a little, so can start letting them flow again.

  1. it's called (r)evolution 

Dunk says: Reply to Dunk

@colinwalker Great to see you about again. The daily feed of “There were no posts…” was becoming concerning. Hope the positive vibes sent via the reverse RSS protocols were appreciated.

Colin Walker replied:

Thanks Dunk. Good to be about again.

Chris Lovie-Tyler says: Reply to Chris Lovie-Tyler

Good to see you writing again, Colin, and that you stuck with that track.

Colin Walker replied:

Thanks Chris 🙏

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