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A few days ago, my wife talked me into resubbing to World of Warcraft. I wasn't planning on it until next year and the new expansion The War Within but, with the resurgence of my mental health problems, she figured it might help to take my mind off things and that we could play as a family again.

I decided to start a new character (again) and play a different spec to usual (Fury Warrior) so that I wasn't doing the same old thing.

I never made a note of when I last stopped playing but it was before the 10.1 patch so end of April 2023 at the latest. I think it was earlier but can't remember.

I've not been taking it very seriously so far, haven't installed any add-ons and am following the default talent build suggested for you. I've also been playing purely solo content rather than diving into dungeons etc.

Blizzard have definitely accelerated levelling your character. I'm already level 60 (max is currently 70) and about to start on the Dragonflight content again. Just as well really as I've been through the earlier quest content so many times and it gets ridiculously boring.

I'm going to have to start paying proper attention now and doing at least a little research on my chosen spec. I'm not overly fussed about extracting every efficiency but it will be nice to streamline my play and the number of buttons I have to press.

One thing I'm not going to do is get back into tanking — that's just too much stress and aggravation I don't need, especially this late in the current expansion. Fortunately, a new feature follower dungeons coming in the next patch (this week!) will remove some of the hassle of dealing with groups. I'll be able to learn the Dragonflight dungeons either solo (with a full AI party) or with the family (only needing one AI character) rather than taking abuse from people who already know them and haven't got the patience to play with someone who's learning.

Having only levelled one character to 70, and not being able to remember most of it, the next few days should be more interesting and get me back into the swing of things properly.

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