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Went to the doctor earlier and was given different, stronger antibiotics. My chest is mostly clear but I have confirmed sinusitis. She also instructed that I do a covid test as there is a lot of it about and she had her suspicions – that would be why she was wearing a mask and all the chairs were against the wall as far away as possible.

Good call on her part – the test was positive, as is my wife's.

starrwulfe says: Reply to starrwulfe

Hopefully they gave you Paxlovid and you were able to shake it off as quickly as the missus and I did a few weeks ago.

Colin Walker replied:

Nah. In the UK you only get it if you're in the highest risk bracket.

starrwulfe says: Reply to starrwulfe

Wow, they're currently giving it away like candy whenever you test positive and are "of a certain age group" at least at my local clinic. Which I guess is "middle aged dude" and I am OK with.

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