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Just as we thought we were getting over the last bout of symptoms the next nasty cold hit the house. It's aggravated all of the previous symptoms with a vengeance, including my cough, but my wife has it worse than me – probably still a hangover from the sepsis and her body not being able to fight it.

My head feels like it's full of some alien gelatinous substance – pain and pressure and constantly ringing ears. Music production is, therefore, on hold for the foreseeable future.

I am, however, planning to get an initial edition of the newsletter out soon. It will set the scene for what's to come. You can sign up here.

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A classic example of my 'binge & dump' behaviour is the web comic Questionable Content. I have been reading it on and off for the past couple of years or so but don't remember how I found it. Someone must have mentioned or linked to it at some point – if that was you, thanks! If not then all hail the serendipity gods.

Anyway, binge and dump.

I've written various times about this, how I become obsessed with something, do it almost exclusively then - boom - done. It's been that way with 'QC': I'll go back to it, binge months worth of comics in one go (it's been running since 2003) then stop, just like that. It can be months before I read another episode – I just forget about it for a while. For some reason it just doesn't occur to me to continue, my brain doesn't even acknowledge it exists until something clicks and I'm back bingeing again.

It's probably some kind of autistic thing but doesn't seem to follow the 'normal' traits, whatever normal is.

The alternation between hyperfocus and the inability to concentrate is maddening, I much prefer the former but it gets in the way of things I should be doing. Music, coding, drawing tiny shapes on a piece of paper until the whole thing is full 1 – not exactly conducive to getting things done.

It's like there is a battle between autism and ADHD going on in my head and one or the other will win out at any given time but there is no saying which one it will be under any given circumstances.

Update: I caught up yesterday so am now following via RSS. I guess the days of binge & dump for this are done.

  1. That's something I used to do as a kid. I used to get an A4 sheet of paper, start in one corner and draw small circles, overlapping rectangles, or different sized triangles filled with crosshatching until I'd filled the whole page 

Andrei says: Reply to Andrei

I've had the same kind of relationship with QC, been reading the comic on and off since 2007. If you want to keep track of it, just use the RSS feed, it's mantained and updated.

Colin Walker replied:

I caught up yesterday so am now 👍

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