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Dave writes:

We're starting to work with people on artcasting. The idea is we want to send visual art over RSS 2.0 feeds. Photographs. Paintings. News. The consensus seems to be that we should use the enclosure element, as with podcasting. In this case, if the type begins with "image/" then an artcast viewer should handle it, and others should ignore it.

He has supplied a test feed to work with.

/reader has supported enclosures for podcasting for a while but on the assumption that they would be audio.

I've made a couple of changes to collect any type of enclosure and, depending on that type, display it accordingly. It only took me about 10 minutes so, if I can do it that easily any feed reader can.

Here's the item from the test feed:

example of an artcasting feed in /reader

I might rework things so that the enclosure shows above any text content but it will do for now as a proof of concept.

Update Yep, moved the enclosure to the top of the item – looks much better. It also seems to be the de facto standard looking at other readers mentioned.

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