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I had a post ready to go saying:

"Bug fixes aside, hyblog is done. I don't want to continue adding things to it as the whole concept was about keeping it simple."

I was going to follow that with "I can revert my attention to the 'now' namespace" but then it struck me: if I'm trying to promote the namespace then my own creation should support it.

So now it does!

After one or more custom pages have been created a new option will appear in admin: "Now namespace page". This will let you select from the available custom pages.

The content of the chosen page will then be added to the RSS feed as the <now:content> information.

  • <now:title> will be the custom page title
  • <now:link> will be the link to the custom page
  • <now:timestamp> will be the last modified date of the page's .md file

I should really do a video demo of all of this in action.

abc says:Reply to abc

@colinwalker Intersting. I am curious about how you created your blog. I gather you are not using WP or micro.blog.

Colin Walker replied:

That's right. I stopped using WordPress a couple of years ago when I built my current system, (b)log-In. It's PHP on top of a MySQL database. I had previously built a custom layer over WordPress, and a highly customised theme, so based everything on that.

My other system, hyblog, is just an experiment with building something that doesn't use a database. It creates markdown files on the fly and then uses PHP to display everything.

abc says:Reply to abc

@colinwalker You are very talented.

Colin Walker replied:

Just learning as I go 😆

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