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In my mind, the sound of the Roland TR-808 drum machine will always be associated with Electro and 80's hip-hop, while the TR-909 is firmly embedded as a Techno staple. Even back when I was only using ReBirth to create acid tracks it was rare that I'd use the 808 section of the app, predominantly sticking to the 909 sound.

It was, therefore, hardly surprising that my first experiment with the RD-8 was an electro-style beat.

So, I deliberately wanted to do something more "techno" And came up with this:

I'll probably redo it over the weekend as it's not as smooth as I'd like — I kept hitting wrong buttons, forgetting whether I was in 'mute' or 'solo' mode on the RD-8, and I might rework the second acid pattern. But, overall, I'm reasonably happy with it. It was also the first test of hooking up the external effects pedals to give more flexibility on how things were processed.


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Inspired, once again, by Jan-Lukas I have added a 'random post' feature to the blog. Just go to /random/. I've repurposed a bunch of code from the main blog page but used a query just to pull one item at random:

Jan-Lukas Else says:Reply to Jan-Lukas Else

Nice! I used a very similar implementation with order by random() but send a redirect instead of displaying the post on /random. Btw. cool music you created there. 😉

Colin Walker replied:

Thanks, I'm just getting to grips with all the hardware.

I don't actually have posts in the conventional sense so a redirect is not an option, it had to be a new page with just one item.

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