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Quantity has a quality all its own... Right now, I’m trying to engineer my next “process.”

# Rao's post rang true to me: engineer my next process. It echoes my desire to do something a bit different with my writing, to work in a different way and see what comes of it.

The garden may seem like an all consuming vanity project (it very likely is) undertaken in lieu of actual writing but it is also a means to an end, a creative endeavour in its own right.

On this day last year Blogging for now was probably what kick-started my thoughts moving to a more ephemeral blog: writing for now, today, as though that's all that matters.

In that context the garden seems a contradiction, maybe it is, but I am that contradiction - we all are. I reserve the right to change my mind, to disagree with past me just as future me will turn his nose up at the present. I need to look for different ways of working/doing/thinking, to not get trapped in habit.

I need to find purpose and establish proper goals and, hopefully, having everything in one place will help.

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# Because of Covid I couldn't volunteer to sell poppies for the Royal British Legion this year so made a donation online instead.

The current situation has meant that the Poppy Appeal is falling woefully short of its usual fundraising amount so, if you can, I would urge you to contribute via the link above.

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# Finally got the logic for three layer garden pages working (parent/child/grandchild) - it's messy but now seems to work okay. I added a page titled "What next?" to test and I can't think of anything else it needs to do at the moment. I suppose what's next is to actually use it in anger.

# I've just realised that I could possibly have used the built-in post_parent attribute rather than building a custom post_meta solution from scratch but this would only account for pages marked as children when created and not those manually marked up as such. It could, however, be worth looking at.

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