# It's almost work password reset day which means for the next week I will be typing the wrong password at least 10 times a day.

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# Finally got round to watching the first series of The Mandalorian - I had been getting stick from a colleague for not having seen it, being the biggest geek on the team. (Who are you and what have you done with Colin?)

I had heard very good things so felt a bit disappointed after the first two episodes; it didn't seem to be as good as everyone was making out. I was too quick to judge. Episode 3 and on the story really takes off and becomes hugely enjoyable. I just wish the episodes were longer as I could watch so much more of this and still feel it wasn't enough.

The production values are immense and it's just like watching a movie. The way the backgrounds are generated with Unreal Engine and displayed on a full 360 degree screen (no green screen here) makes it all the more immersive and believable, not to mention being absolutely fantastic.

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