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# I'm sorry, but how the hell is it October already?

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# Over the past few days I've been getting spam bombed by a host of addresses ending .cyou - the same few emails but always from different variations of address. Obviously a spam farm. I gave in last night and created an email filter to auto-reject anything with .cyou in the header.

I can't imagine too many false positives.

I'd not come across the .cyou TLD before so thought I'd do a search, I found that ShortDot operate it and describe it thus:

The .cyou domain is crafted specifically for today’s generation of movers and shakers who have never lived in a world without social media or the internet... The .cyou domain is for the group of technologically advanced, eco-conscious, open-minded individuals of today. It’s for Gen Z and for those who thrive on memes and speak fluent emoji.

And email spammers apparently.

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# I've done myself a favour and uninstalled all but one writing app (Google Keep doesn't count as i only really use it for lists.) I've opted to stay with One Jotter, formerly Cola Notes.

It's the app I've been using most but having more installed creates a conflict, constantly wondering whether I'm typing into the right one and whether something else could be better. Debate over, regardless of whether something else is better or not.

Simplify and get on with it.