# It's crazy times but that's no excuse for tardiness. This morning I admonished myself for not nurturing the one-to-one relationships I have written about, not taking the time to reach out and just say "hi" even if that's all it is.

Crazy times are when we need to connect the most, when we need to exert what control we can over those things we are able to influence, to restore a little normality.

So this weekend I resolve to fix this situation and reach out to a few people just to check in, just to say hi. It's the least I can do.

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# I thought I would take the clean slate/blank page metaphor to its logical conclusion and created a version of the Today page which is just that and nothing more.

I've called it (unsurprisingly) Daily.

There are no links to other days or the archive, just Today's posts - if there are any.

Clicking the page title will still take you to the normal Today page and going to individual posts will return you to the standard behaviour but I thought it was a fun concept.

I even wondered about having the option to set a cookie to determine which version of the Today page visitors might like but, if I ever decide to do it, that's a job for another day.

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# A few emails have gone out to certain people and it feels good. Perhaps there's an element of selfishness there, that I feel I've done it for myself rather than for the act of connecting, but I hope that it's actually come from the right place.

It's good to talk, good to stay in touch, good to let someone know you're thinking about them; even if it's been a while.

I intend to send a couple more but that will probably be tomorrow. If I achieve nothing else this weekend that will have been enough.

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