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# I tried meditating on the train a few years ago but found it too hard; I hadn't really thought about how I was doing it, just jumped in. After returning to work I thought I'd give it another go now that I have established a better practice and routine.

Despite the movement of the train and conversations of other passengers I'm finding it quite easy to focus. The headphones go on, I launch Oak with a ten minute timer, and I'm away.

I think adopting a mantra is key for me, something to focus on in addition to the breath. It goes like this:

  • breathing in: return to breath
  • breathing out: let it go, feel it relax, nothing else

On breathing in I feel the air in my nostrils, visualise it, let it take over. I feel my body relax as I exhale and, for that ten minutes, truly nothing else matters as I remind myself with every breath.