# Device health is a massive topic.

I use True Tone and night shift on my phone but, even at its most "warm," it doesn't feel like it's enough. Maybe it's that I've gotten used to the changes those technologies make to the display.

That's quite likely as I can't bear it when I turn them both off.

But it's good that I'm concerned and it leads me to trying something.

I'm terrible for going to bed and using my phone. I don't care how warm the display is, it can't be good for me. And we are constantly bombarded with advice about not using our devices for an hour before going to bed.

That isn't always practical as it's often not apparent when bed time is going to be, but I think adhering to the spirit of it, if not the actual timescale, is a good place to start.

So, in light of this, I will try to use my devices less before bed and, when I get there, I'll limit myself to my notebook and pen.

If there's something I want to say, or an idea I want to get down on the page, I can do it by hand and it can wait until the morning to see if I want to type it up or put it on the blog.


# I've not opted for Reeder on the Mac yet.

I'm using the Feedbin website as a Fluid app because I love that it shows whether posts have been updated, providing a delta of what updates were actually made.

It's such a great feature and I wish more apps did it.

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