# I decided to cancel my subscription for Ulysses. I thought if it's too easy to put it straight back on then it's not a proper test.

The current subscription period ends in three days so that's when the real test starts.

If I don't miss it then thanks, it's been fun. If, on the other hand, I find I can't live without it, I can always subscribe again.

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# Now that I'm comfortable with the Reeder app I'm seriously considering moving from Feedly to Feedbin. Okay, so it's $5 a month where I'm not currently paying for Feedly but, since clearing out my subscriptions a little while back, I'm close to the 100 feed limit for free accounts again - a limit that never used to be there.

I could opt to pay for Feedly but it's a bit more expensive and, despite the plan I'd want being quoted as monthly, it's billed annually and I don't want it all going out in one go.

I'm also not entirely happy with the approach Feedly has been taking recently so would prefer to give my money to a service that does one thing and does it well. Feedbin looks to fit that bill.

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# Santa's workshop is going to be one elf's quota short this year. Think of the children!

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# I've deliberately tried to avoid posting anything about Facebook or Twitter lately even though there have been numerous opportunities to do so.

The way I look at it, although I have deleted my accounts on both networks, if I keep going back to them, focusing on them, then I'm not free of their influence and still letting them interfere in my life.

It's interesting to see what's happening in that space but that's where it should end.

My Facebook account should be gone now and Twitter should be unrecoverable as of tomorrow so there's no more need for me to pay attention.

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# And after a couple of weeks of monitoring for any rogue mails I have finally deleted my Gmail account as well.

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