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# I'm always tinkering with the blog, from slight visual changes to new features. I often reach a point where I think I'm done but then something happens or I get inspiration and off I go.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it looks and works except for one thing: the Today page.

It's fine when there are posts but looks a bit lost when I haven't yet posted. I like the general concept of how it works but think I need to shake it up a bit.

I'm just not sure how yet. ?

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# And, of course, I can't preview any design changes because I now have posts.

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# I get some false positives but, since installing the broken link checker plugin just over a week ago, it's depressing seeing a trickle of sites come through that no longer exist.

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# John Philpin posted a very poignant quote from his mom and I just had to make a note of it.

“You will find that the more you write the more you will have to say, because then everything is important. If you only write once a month, there will be nothing important enough to write about.”
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