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# There's a frustration when you know there's something inside you, something waiting to come out, to be born unto the world but you just don't know what it is.

You can feel it, hear it calling from the great beyond and all you need is to visualise it, to speak its name and it will appear. But its name might as well be in a long forgotten language, lost to time, never to be spoken.


No ancient magics will summon this beast before its time. No rituals or rites will let you see behind the veil.

All in good time.

You are not ready.

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Checking my crystal ball

Colin Devroe wrote a number of predictions for tech back in November and randomly (hmm) picked me, among others, to make my own predictions in a little blogging challenge.

This is actually quite hard as a lot of people and sites have already made a lot of predictions, often covering the same ground. Therefore, I wanted to be a bit different and have a bit of fun so I’m not going to specify any dates. Some of these will probably be a bit controversial but here we go:

  • Other online companies will follow Amazon’s lead and buy established “bricks and mortar” retailers to fuse tech and distribution.  
  • Uber tries to appeal the EU’s decision that they are a taxi company and not a technology company but lose. Other jurisdictions follow the EU’s lead and Uber never recovers. This has a massive impact on the overall gig economy forcing companies to reevaluate.  
  • Cryptocurrencies will be politicised, abused and experience a massive crash effectively wiping them out. All the sensible money leaves.  
  • Mark Zuckerberg reveals he has political ambitions after all. Not wanting to be criticised he “does a Trump” and supposedly signs over all control of Facebook while making a run for the White House.  
  • Twitter eventually sells to a large media conglomerate. Supported by the finances of the new parent company it scraps ads. Jack, Biz and Ev are all ousted. Developers are courted and the API extended leading to a rush of development and useful services spring up around Twitter data. User numbers grow significantly.

So, there you go. Nothing overly serious but all potentially possible.

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