# I've had a rethink about post titles and the RSS feed in relation to Status posts. As they have no title by design I automatically change it to the date/time so that I can easily distinguish between them on the WordPress backend.

When I moved from a dedicated feed template (for microblog posts) to using the main feed for everything I elected to keep status post titles because a number of feed readers don’t handle title-less posts very well and re-use part of the content as a title - Feedly I’m looking at you!

Micro.blog ignores a date/time title so I never had any problem there but testing Brent Simmons’ Evergreen, however, reminded me that RSS readers should properly support the RSS spec and an item title just isn’t a required element.

As such, I have added my original code idea to functions.php to remove the title for status posts from the RSS feed:  

// remove title for status posts from RSS feed

function remove_status_title_rss ($title) {
  if ($post_format == "status") {
  return $title;

add_filter( 'the_title_rss', 'remove_status_title_rss');

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A New Year's Eve retrospective

2017 has been a mixed bag.

I've had this extended period of illness with which to contend. It was difficult at times and left me feeling pretty low but, thankfully, now seems to be coming to an end.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining and being off has given me extra time with my family that I would not otherwise have had. I also had the opportunity to take the philosophy course and reignite that passion which I would likely not have done had I been at work.

The first half of the year seemed to drift by fairly aimlessly. Yes, I did a lot of work on the blog and established how I wanted it to operate but that's a relatively small thing.

Later, as the months went by and certain ideas started to cement themselves in my mind, I knew I needed more.

While I try not to use Facebook anyway, and haven't tweeted in over a year now, the sentiment that drives this has grown stronger and become more than just a dislike; it has truly fleshed out. It may be part of a larger trend on the web but I personally better understand the why rather then the what.

My why and not someone else's.

This, combined with rekindling my childhood love of pen and paper, has solidified the notion that I need to create something bigger, better than just run-of-the-mill blog posts. I'm not sure exactly what but I just know that I must.

I understand on a deeper level that time is precious and I should make the most of it that I can. And this is absolutely what I plan to do - whether at home, on my commute, or wherever.

I don't yet know what shape it will take, exactly, but I think 2018 could be an interesting year.

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