# I've had a rethink about post titles and the RSS feed in relation to Status posts. As they have no title by design I automatically change it to the date/time so that I can easily distinguish between them on the WordPress backend.

When I moved from a dedicated feed template (for microblog posts) to using the main feed for everything I elected to keep status post titles because a number of feed readers don’t handle title-less posts very well and re-use part of the content as a title - Feedly I’m looking at you!

Micro.blog ignores a date/time title so I never had any problem there but testing Brent Simmons’ Evergreen, however, reminded me that RSS readers should properly support the RSS spec and an item title just isn’t a required element.

As such, I have added my original code idea to functions.php to remove the title for status posts from the RSS feed:

// remove title for status posts from RSS feed

function remove_status_title_rss ($title) {
  if ($post_format == "status") {
  return $title;

add_filter( 'the_title_rss', 'remove_status_title_rss');