# Happy birthday to our eldest daughter Amy, 19 today! ?? Have a great day.

19, wow! You're making your old man feel, well, old ?

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# I have written a few times about my struggles with pen and paper as a creative medium rather than using an electronic device.

The inconvenience, the awkwardness, the much slower pace at which I can get my thoughts down...

I've had a selection of small notebooks in the drawer of my bedside cabinet for ages, still snuggly wrapped in their cellophane jackets. Nothing as flashy as a Moleskine but that doesn't matter.

I've made the effort of buying new pens, nice pens that feel good in the hand. One sits wistfully on top of my bedside cabinet, separated from those notebooks by an inch of wood and the Scott Sigler novel it rests upon.

They are no good to anyone separated like this so I get one out of the drawer, unwrap it, and place it ready for use should inspiration strike. It's only small, incredibly pocket sized, and I wonder if that's part of the problem.

Small notebooks can be hard to write in comfortably whilst fitting only a little on each page. Am I unintentionally hamstringing myself with such choices? Am I more likely to write by hand if it is an easier experience?

Does size matter?

I often vow to make more of an effort, that this time will be different. It never is, never has been. At least not yet!

Perhaps it never will but that doesn't mean I should stop trying.

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# Thanks to Chris (if you're interested in poetry I recommend checking out his newsletter) for spotting a bug in the comment section.

When leaving a native comment on the site the URL entered in the comment form was ignored. Clicking on the commenter's name just reloaded the post itself.

I had previously removed all commenting functionality from the theme, rather than just disabling it, so had to re-add it when I started working with webmentions. Because they were my only source of comments everything was coded with them in mind and I forgot to rework things when I re-enabled native commenting.

It's fixed now.

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# There is an incredible and admirable amount of passion about the written word, as opposed to the typed word.

Thanks for all the comments folks.

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