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More on the progression of the indieweb

From John Johnston:

Perhaps shorter how-tos that don’t link off too much might and have a smaller scope might help generation 2 & 3? I am not the best person to judge this. Some friction comes with the power. Especially if you have already got a blog, workflows etc going. I’ve found quite a few assumptions I had were slightly wrong.


as I click Publish, will this end up as a comment on Chris’s post? How will it look on twitter, on micro.blog, I can’t say I am wholly confident that I know!

Then from Eli Mellen:

I wonder if the generations are still applicable and/or useful? Generation 2 is so broadly defined it is difficult to say what "they" need, because as a group of users they're not very clearly articulated.

And from a second post:

I think better on boarding materials and user-friendlier documentation would go a LOOOOONG way. BUT, before one can create such documents there needs to be a relatively stable way of joining the indieweb.

The theme of simplicity and reliability is a recurring one.

Eli does go on to say "Between wordpress and micro.blog I think that is starting to emerge" but this is currently an edge case; we need the support of a major player.

I still think getting indieweb support baked into WordPress core would be one of the quickest routes to adoption.

# When looking at some utilities for the MacBook I mentioned using Amphetamine to temporarily stop it from sleeping with keyboard shortcuts.

The helpful comments on that post gave alternatives including just using the 'caffeinate' command from Terminal and forms of automation such as Alfred.

While doing a bit of digging I came across the little tool "iCanHazShortcut" which lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to anything that can be run from Terminal.

Goodbye Amphetamine, hello ICHS!

I now have:

⌥ + ⌘ + = for: caffeinate -dt 3600 ⌥ + ⌘ + ← for: killall caffeinate

It's more flexible and I don't need to have the icon in the menu bar.