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Sonant Thoughts - Episode 43: Waiting For Final

In line with my different approach to beta testing, this is the first year for quite a while that I have not installed an OS beta (iOS or Android) on my phone - my primary device.

Why the change? What's behind it? And how does that make me feel?


Episode 41: What's in it for me?

Erratum: I mention writing about my approach to testing when it was actually an earlier microcast episode.

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Sonant Thoughts

# After all this time I've only just realised that JetPack supports Markdown Extra so I can apply classes to elements directly.

Whenever I've been inserting images in posts, for example, I've been manually changing 'alignnone' to 'aligncenter' once it is in draft but could negate this step using Markdown Extra syntax, like so:


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# Just to complicate matters, however, Ulysses doesn't support, or even like you trying to type, Markdown Extra syntax as it clashes with the app's proprietary implementation.

That leaves doing it in Drafts which means I'd have to take the extra step of uploading the images before hand.


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# I've had a workflow installed for a while (I think it was created by Tim Nahumck) that uploads images from your library to WordPress after letting you rename them. It then gathers the URLs to the uploaded files and handily puts them into a Drafts item for you.

I added an extra step to also convert the images to .png as part of the process.

Looks like I might be giving it a spin as I think it will be the quickest way to work with images and apply the Markdown Extra classes.

You can grab the original workflow here.

(Note: you need to change the path to your uploads folder manually in one of the steps.)