Sonant Thoughts - Episode 27: Filler Or Process

When is writing about writing a cop out, just filler content, or when is it part of the process itself? Should we always be seeking to impart a message? Personal blogs in particular are a journey, an ongoing story, where the examination of process is just as valid as any other type of content. Links: Content creation

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Sonant Thoughts

# So, this is what I'm up to today...

# It always surprises me when I see old posts in my logs, especially those from 9 years ago. It makes me wonder how people found them and whether they are even remotely relevant or valuable after all this time.


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"...the service runs uncontrolled, in fits of nervous energy and hate. It’s a terrible place."

This pretty much sums up why I stopped using Twitter. For all it's value it can be a disaster.

The keyword filtering makes a big difference but the problem is far wider reaching.

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