# It's been a while since I've done anything with the microformats2 markup on the blog. Most things are in place such as h-entry, h-card and h-feed.

Although it's currently only a proposed addition, I wanted to add u-audio to the <audio> tags for the audio source of podcast episodes.

I use the PowerPress plugin to handle the episodes which add items via a shortcode so the u-audio class has to be inserted when loading the page.

Just like with making hashtags clickable links I needed to use the add_filter hook on the_content, then preg_replace to add the u-audio class.

# A few more podcast specific microformats tweaks such as p-name and p-summary, also forgot to ensure dt-published was available on pages rather than just posts.

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# I love it when you read something and it just triggers the old grey matter.

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