# I've often thought about daily journalling but never really had the drive to do it. Seeing that Day One is Apple's free app of the week made me consider it once again.

I think part of the problem is never really knowing what to write. I just can't get the visions of teenage angst induced scrawl out of my head 😉

Listening to an episode of the Fundamentally Broken podcast recently I noted with interest the discussion between Seth Clifford and Tim Nahumck about journalling in which they said it could be as much or as little as you wanted but there was no point it being too little if you wanted to return to it and make sense of what you wrote.

That's somewhat reassuring but, after the Write365 project effectively turned into an extended, public, self-therapy session, I don't want to risk heading down the same route.

I also find that writing in multiple places reduces the focus I have on each, even if they are for completely different purposes, and don't want to impact the new approach to the blog.

Maybe I'll give it a go and see what happens. Or, maybe I won't 🤔