# I found out last Thursday that I have to cover in the office next week (8th to 10th of December), meaning I have to travel back down south again, and I reacted very badly. Every negative, self-debasing thought conspired to tell me how much of a failure I was that I hadn't yet found another job.

I just broke down, couldn't control myself, and didn't really know why.

We knew it was likely that this was going to happen but I think I had it in my head that I wasn't going to see that office again, that the only reason I would have to travel back was to work on the house ready for sale.

On a positive note, I've got the Monday off to travel down and should be able to travel back on the Thursday evening so that I can work from home on the Friday. It could be worse.

# Even more positive is that our landlord is happy for us to stay in this house. Rather than do an inspection or discuss it I just got a text asking "are you staying?" so she will organise a new contract for January when our current lease expires.

# We're mostly familiar with mobile apps offering mindfulness techniques and guided meditations (Calm, Headspace, et al) but apps offering courses of CBT is a new one on me.

# Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get up a bit earlier to do some more focused writing (or, at least, prep) before work. I need to knuckle down on something I've got on the back burner.

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