# I save items from my RSS feeds to read later. Sometimes I will return and re-read them, write about them, use them as the basis for something. Sometimes I will save them with an intention that never gets fulfilled.

Even after I have revisiting something I will, for some reason, often leave it in my "Read Later" pile. I don't know why.

I've got items going back several months so thought it might be interesting to go back over these posts to see if they still grab me in the way they must have done at the time.

Perhaps some were only flagged to clear the list and reach "feed zero" as I didn't have the time to read them. Perhaps some were supposed to be a spark that, on reflection, no longer burned with the intensity I had imagined.

It could be a waste of effort: some may be languishing there for good reason or I might have already said my piece and got nothing further to add. But, maybe, I might rediscover some forgotten gems or find threads running between different posts on different blogs, something to get the grey matter working.