# The moment of truth: the first day with the new blogging setup. The blank page metaphor is complete both for the reader and the writer. It's the culmination of so many changes over the past couple of years.

There's no doubt a lot of tweaks that will need to be made, bugs and glitches to be fixed, but that's part of the fun, part of the journey of discovery.

# As Jay mentions, days here on the blog 'unfold' rather than have any kind of structure or plan. I write whatever comes to me and to hell with consistency. And that's the real beauty of the personal blog.

We are all complicated, multi-faceted beings whose lives are a wonderful, beautiful mess of tangled threads. It often makes no sense to attempt to unravel them, just revel in the juxtaposition.

# I think I've found my first bug causing duplicate entries after adding additional sections to a post.

# Because of the way the content was being split the paragraph tags were being separated between sections. Hopefully that's now sorted.

# The problem of testing something like a revamp of how posting operates and then building a custom RSS feed is that without a development environment it can only be done live, as messy as that can get. It's a good job I can jump into the database itself and clear out the detritus of mutliple attempts at correction.

  1. Congratulations. Interested to see how the tooling changes your writing/approach to this space. I already get the feeling that posts/days 'unfold' rather than being discrete units of thought.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Thanks Jay, I'm excited about where it may lead. Days themselves have largely been discrete units for a while but this takes it one stage further and having and identical workflow between the blog and the [[digital garden]] makes it less like a blog and more a creative space.

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