# Today marks the 4th anniversary of my return to the blog after what was a two year gap. There have been more breaks since and things have changed a lot, even since then.

I seem to spend a lot of time writing about taking breaks and rebooting things but this one was different, this was the big reboot, the return to blogging after deciding to completely change what I would write about and how I would go about it.

I spent a while doing what I called "social blogging" on Google+, using the network as my only writing platform. It was an escape from the self-enforced perfectionism I equated with the blog, I was too critical of everything I wrote which meant I wrote far less than I should have done over the years.

There are times I regret stepping away from the blog so often and for so long, for writing elsewhere or not writing at all, wonder what the blog might have become had I stuck it out. But then I consider that I needed those breaks, needed to step away or I would have ended up resenting it.

It has taken going cold turkey for me to appreciate what the blog is and what it still can be. While it might have been nice to have a continuous body of work, being happy with what's actually there is more important.

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