# I tried using Copied for a while back on the iPhone 6S Plus but it never really clicked with me. I've also tried clipboard managers on the MacBook but not managed enough "clippings" to make proper use of them.

But, now that I'm going to be working on a bigger project and will likely be moving a lot more text around I'm considering giving it another shot.

  1. desparoz says: #
    If you need flexibility across macOS and iOS, then Copied is a great answer. If your power-lifting is going to be Mac-centric, then suggest you give Alfred with the PowerPack a try. Clipboard history built in, and many other features make it brilliant.
  2. desparoz says: #
    Copied is my first choice for that, but also supplement what th Gladys for additional shelf functionality.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I almost never use the iPad so don’t really need something like that. Great idea though.
  4. kulturnation says: #
    I bought Copied long ago, and forgot until David Sparks mentioned it in a MPU episode in the perfect moment: I just started to work more with my new MacBook, and all of a sudden I use it almost every day :)
  5. 40Tech says: #
    I recently switched from Copied to Paste on the Mac, because Paste finally came out with an iOS beta and I wanted cross-platform support. Paste doesn’t have the power features that Copied does, but I love the interface and it clicked with me in a way Copied didn’t.