# It's a chilly one this morning. On days like today frost sits on the top of the garden fence and when the sun comes up it evaporates in an aggressive flurry making it look as though the fence is on fire. It's quite a sight.

The great tit has been in fine voice but this has been a day of firsts. There is a nesting box in the tree behind our house and I have often wondered if the tit uses it; well, I have now seen it go in the box so am very happy with that.

About a week or so ago we bought a new bird feeding station but the weather has been pretty bad. It usually takes a few days for birds to realise a feeder is there and to trust it, this morning was also the first time I have witnessed the tit using it.

Hopefully this is the tit claiming its territory and we can look forward to some fledglings in the spring.

# Doug Belshaw, who I have linked to a number of times on the blog, turns 40 today and has 40 things he's learnt during that time.

I especially like number 22: "You are a human, not a machine. You don’t need to sound grown up, or professional, or ‘respectable’" but we should pay heed to them all.

Many happy returns Doug.

  1. Omrrc says: #
    A good list. I’ve read it briefly but I want to go back to it again when I have some time. Thank you for sharing.

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