# The number of spam comments caught by Akismet has been rising so, in a moment of morbid curiosity, I decided to change the settings to move them to spam rather than quietly delete them. I want to see what those pesky bots are up to - even if only for a little while.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    I’ve had it since 2008 so adding microblogging into what was already there seemed a natural fit. I was looking at mixing up how I blogged and this gave me the kick I needed. And I prefer having everything in one place rather than multiple blogs.
  2. hjertnes says: #
    I'm keeping it separate for now. But are there any other advantages for hosting it yourself?
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I like having total ownership and control, the ability to do whatever I want to it. When I first started blogging in 2003 it was on a self-hosted, highly modified SharePoint installation on a PC at home and that ethos has always stuck.
  4. hjertnes says: #
    I get that, and I think I'll eventually end up there with my micro blog.
  5. Colin Walker says: #
    I fell off the wagon for a few years (2013 - 2016) and became a “social blogger” writing at Google+ and then Medium but I was just looking for a change and thought a different platform would give me what I needed. Turned out I just needed a different approach.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    It all depends what you’re after: simpler and managed or more complex but controlled. There are compromises to be made both ways.
  7. hjertnes says: #
    I'm already managing three other wordpress sites. Let me see if I get this: Micro.blog reads your blog rss The Micro.blog apps post to your wordpress install instead of the micro.blog api Replies to what you post are sent to wordpress as comments
  8. Colin Walker says: #
    That’s right. You need a couple of plugins installed to handle and present the comments properly and there may be some manual theme tweaking that needs to be done.
  9. Colin Walker says: #
    You can either just use the app (those replies are solely contained within m.b) or write a new post on the blog and send a reply webmention from WordPress (and that’s where it starts getting tricky) as m.b has some support for external replies.
  10. hjertnes says: #
    Okay, and are there any way to do that automatically? In other words: every time I post something with (one or more) at-username?
  11. Colin Walker says: #
    I seem to recall someone wrote a bit of code to auto-link @-mentions but I don't think the person will see it in their Mentions tab. That's why I use the app for replying/mentioning people. I think Manton is working on improving this stuff.
  12. smokey says: #
    WordPress filter to auto-linkify @-names for Micro.blog ;-) Per Manton's post that I link in the into, any properly-linked @-name coming in from an external blog does get converted into a Mention in your Mentions tab (this is for plain-jane new posts; it sounded like you guys were talking about self-hosting replies there at the end, so not exactly sure what the "do that" is in @hjertnes last comment).
  13. Colin Walker says: #
    Ah Thanks. I thought it was you but couldn’t find it. Good to know that it does create a mention.
  14. hjertnes says: #
    “Do that” meant what ever is required to make sure it shows up in mentions, the thread and external blogs comments (if it is set up)
  15. smokey says: #
    It's pretty far down in my posts/comments already, and I didn't make the link stand out with the title, either, so no wonder you couldn't find it ;-) I need to practice better “Micro.blog-SEO” in my posts :-P