# Manuel Reiß writes that "this is the time for blogging" during this globally difficult situation.

I agree.

With people self-isolating, guidance on social distancing, and even lock downs in some places we need to keep in contact with each other, we need to pass on what news we have and let others know this is a shared experience.

I've been reading various people blog about how Covid-19 has affected them so far, stories of staying at home, plans changing, trips cancelled and it puts a very human face on what can easily become a game of numbers.

As Manuel says:

"If there is anything remotely important to share with the world it’s experiences like this."

After the UK government's press conference yesterday I received an alert text from my employer just after 11pm saying that they were "finalising our operational response" and should be able to share it this afternoon (Tuesday) and then "move quickly into implementation". What that means for me I don't know.

London is more advanced than the rest of the country as far as transmission of the virus is concerned so it would make sense for people to start working from home, rather than employing the split working I mentioned yesterday, but we'll have to wait and see. As things stand I'm typing this on the train to work but it is considerably less busy than normal. A lot of people are obviously not traveling as they usually would.

The situation is very fluid and changing rapidly and I can see the UK having to enforce more stringent measures soon rather than that just advise them. With the guidance on stopping unnecessary travel and not frequenting social locations such as restaurants we have cancelled our trip away this weekend. It's a shame as it was a birthday celebration for my wife but we need to be pragmatic.

So keep blogging, share your tips and stories, let others know how you have been impacted, but also share the normal things; daily life must still go on. It is hard for the current situation to not become all encompassing but we mustn't let it take over completely.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Indeed. There are degrees to this and it's a question if being sensible within the confines of the guidance that applies to you individually at the time.
  2. Brian G Fay says: #
    I have had the thought that blogging is a way of being subject to one another or, to put it another way, to be of use. I don't have many people reading my blog (and that's okay), but the few people who do read it seem to enjoy it and maybe draw comfort from that kind of "contact" with me. I certainly feel better being "out in the world" in this way. Keep writing.

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