# The cull continues...

I almost completely removed my reliance on Gmail last year. I changed my address for various subscriptions and accounts and told people to just use one of my domain addresses.

Needless to say, I didn't get everything and some emails still trickled through so, tonight I have:

  • deleted over 9000 emails,
  • updated my address for some things,
  • unsubscribed from others, and
  • forwarded some emails to myself for keeping.

I'll monitor the account for a little while to deal with anything else that comes through but, after that, it's goodbye!

  1. Christopher says: #
    curious who you moved to as a provider. I’ve used (and will continue to use) Google’s enterprise services, including mail, for security reasons; outside of MS I have a hard time thinking of another provider I’d trust on a security posture/footing
    1. Andrew says: #
      I am a happy customer of Fastmail, and would recommend them to others.
  2. canion says: #
    I entered a reply comment directly on your blog, and it seems you get the credit for the words on micro.blog. There’s a bug... somewhere...
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Ah yes, the weird webmention issue because it sees it coming from my blog. I’ve seen this before. Did you have any more thoughts on it @manton
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    I’d imagine it's being caused from my end by the “Webmention for Comments” plugin. I may have to disable it.
  5. 40Tech says: #
    Yikes. I just activated this. Curious if this is an isolated issue.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    I’d imagine it happens when a native WP comment is posted in reply to a m.b webmention. Anyway, I’ve mailed @help and raised an issue on GitHub so we’ll see.
  7. canion says: #
    Hopefully it can be fixed, but I would guess it’s a challenging problem.
  8. Colin Walker says: #
    Manton changed the item to be attributed to you last night. With regards to fixing it it’s a matter of looking at the right markup so hopefully won’t be too onerous.
  9. canion says: #
    You don't get that kind of service from Twitter! 😁 I am really digging micro.blog. The most fun I've had online in a long time.