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You know that thing called blogging – Om on Tech

"What people don’t realize about blogs is that they are never a complete story. They are incomplete and by nature more mysterious, more episodic, and thus more interesting. Blogs are meant not to leave you with everything. The whole idea is to think to deliberate, and to come back again and again, to finish what was started a long time ago. But there is no end, just a pause, for a voice to start, talking again."

This from Om reminded me of something I previously quoted from James Shelley:

"Conversations don’t 'end' in any absolute sense. They are just temporarily punctuated by the silence of distance until we reconvene."

I've said in the past that we write our stories day by day, chapter by chapter, with each new post being more of a paragraph or continuation.

When visiting someone's blog we may merely go to listen to the next part of their story. Perhaps we might want to interject, query a point or start a discussion. Regardless, we only ever do so one chapter at a time.

Our lives are made up of a series of tales: some short, some long, and some punctuated by silence until reconvened. Those tales might be related or seem entirely unconnected but they are all parts of the larger story.

Each new post helps to fill in the gaps as we slowly paint a picture of the person behind the words. A picture we will never finish but that’s not the point.

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