# The blog has been using the Fragmentions plugin for some time. This allows you to link to, and visually indicate, specific parts of a target post.

Recently I improved the styling of the linked "fragments" but wanted to go one stage further.

Having remarked that displaying internal webmentions as 'related posts' created a sort of bi-directional system of connections within the blog I felt that this could be enhanced. Yes, listing them 'works' but what if the fragments they linked to were identified in some way?

Challenge accepted.

When a webmention is received it writes any URL fragment to the database along with the source address so I just needed to check if each webmention has such a fragment and was from my own blog. Then I change the text within the body of the post to a link and format it differently; I've chosen a subtle dotted underline:

Now internal webmentions truly are bi-directional.

I think theres a couple of kinks I need to work out but will look at them as they crop up.