# Brian writes about overusing "I" - the nominative case personal pronoun:

"If most of the sentences in a post begin with "I," there's a problem. If most of the posts on a blog have that issue, well then why read the damn thing?"

Several years ago I realised that I drastically underused it.

Instead of writing from my own perspective I would always say we, a royal we but partly projected out to readers, almost as if I was afraid to talk from my own experience or point of view, uncertain about my own ideas or not willing to stand up and be counted.

This is a personal blog so there should be a good degree of I, me and mine - I make no apologies for that. Still, there has to be balance; it can't read like a primary school child's "what I did in the summer holidays" assignment.

Being personal it is unavoidable, even expected, that there will be plenty of I's and that personality is, in my opinion, exactly what makes a blog worth reading. I want to know what the author thinks, feels and believes. I want to hear about, and get to know, them and imagine this is why people might read mine.

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