# It's a shame when you break a streak because you do something after midnight. If you do something before you go to bed then it feels like it's still part of that day. Perhaps apps that measure streaks by day could have an option to cater for this.

  1. jordon says: #
    on the flip side, it almost feels like I’m cheating when I get progress towards the next day’s goals post-midnight. I’d love to see a reimagining of streaks (for fitness apps in general, but Apple Watch specifically for me)
  2. jordon says: #
    I've been trying to break a longer blog post on this very subject, but I can't quite find the angle that feels right to me! I like the daily goals, but I personally focus more on weekly goals. Would love to have (additional) options for that
  3. schuth says: #
    I’ve been thinking the same thing all week! If Streaks is given access to sleep tracking data, it seems like it should be fairly simple for the app to determine what a user’s “day” was, even if that doesn’t precisely align with a calendar day.
  4. yup, when I did shift work my habit tracker was perpetually confused and Sleep Cycle often thought I had slept 36 hours despite me telling it otherwise.
  5. nitinkhanna says: #
    I agree! Most apps don't understand this simple thing. Midnight should be a fluid concept!