1. amit says: #
    All the very best for the move, Colin. It was some 9 years back that we had taken a similar decision to move across the country -- and it'd all worked out for well. I am sure it would for you too πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  2. odd says: #
    I think the link is as important as the text itself on a blog, but now, we also have quotes, and hence can reduce the need for the link. But with minimum viable readability with links achieved, blogs can offer a rich and immersive experience. Ref:
    When I think of the classic weblog, I don't think of a short-form diary or a series of stories or short think pieces. I think of the old-style site organised squarely around the link...

  3. bix says: #
    I don’t see how quotes reduce the need for links? The point of the link is to direct the reader elsewhere not just offer them a snippet with no way to see for themselves.
  4. odd says: #
    It doesn’t replace the need, but for casual skimming, it might reduce the need for links was my thinking.
  5. bix says: #
    I might agree that for the reader it adds options, but for the blogger there should never be the lack of a link. The idea always was to let the reader have easy access to what's being discussed so they can judge for themselves what the blogger had to say about it. But I guess what I was really perplexed by was the idea that "now we have quotes". We have always had, and used, quotes. The only thing new today is fancy css styling because for some reason I guess someone thought why let Twitter have all the fancy embed action?
  6. odd says: #
    Yes, I suppose we have had the ability for quotes all along, but the readability and automatic thought of β€œThis is obviously a quote” is much much more obvious now with better styling, and it is more like a textbook than a computer terminal of old. As for the article @colinwalker wrote, where he used quotes by Blood, I got the gist of it without having to look up Bloods articles or buying her book, but Inow have made a mental note of it, and might get it later. I think links are essential to blogs, but it can be overdone, and reduce readability.