# Tom Critchlow, along with Toby Shorin, has been working on a way to better present quotations from other sites. They came up with Quotebacks - a JavaScript library and Chrome extension to grab quotations then generate the required code to embed them on your site or blog. All you need to do is include or reference the library.

A great idea!

It's left me thinking about what I could do natively on the blog.

Today he mentions that a number of people had suggested integrating the ScrollToTextFragment proposal to deep link to any text fragment within a page. I wasn't aware of this and that it had actually been introduced in Chrome v80 before recently creating my own fragment system which also scrolls the fragment text into view.

Although Chrome holds the lion's share of the browser market I think it's a bit silly to build functionality around something that is only supported by one browser - it's only a Chrome thing, not even a Chromium thing!

I do, however, think the proposed specification is a great idea and would love to see support adopted across all browsers; I'm just not terribly sold on the :~: delimiter.

  1. bix says: #
    I still do not understand this at all. It’s just fancy css for blockquotes and a database of all your quotes in Chrome. Why are people excited about this?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I like the idea but, as I say, think building something for a specific browser is bad. It wasn't so much their tool but how it relates to what I've been doing and what else I could do natively. What I would be excited about, however, is cross-browser support for ScrollToTextFragment, I think that would be extremely handy. The indieweb already has fragmentions but having this supported as a URL based protocol without the need for any custom code would be great.
  3. bix says: #
    But can you help me understand the quotebacks thing? Am I missing something? Isn’t it just “twitter and Instagram get fancy embeds so why not blockquotes too”? I feel dense. It doesn’t seem to me like a lack of fancy embeds for blockquotes is in any way a pressing issue for blogging.
  4. devilgate says: #
    Looks interesting, but I'm not sure where the :~: delimiter that you refer to comes in. And that kind of thing is a bit difficult to search for.
  5. devilgate says: #
    Oh, I see, it's to do with the autoscroll thing. I thought it might be to do with the Quotebacks, and I couldn't see how.

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