# Over the past couple of days I've noticed a problem when posting a comment on the blog.

The comment is submitted but you are not directed back to the post. No follow-up actions occur either such as sending a webmention where appropriate or mailing me to advise that a comment has been submitted.

After checking, I saw the site is generating a 405 error in wp-comments-post.php which checks that the request method is POST and fails if the method doesn't match.

I'm not sure when it started but I think it might have coincided with the update to WordPress 4.9.7.

I tried disabling a number of plugins and custom functions to no avail. Searches revealed that this is a relatively common issue with some saying it relates to a problem sending emails from WordPress. I turned off the email notification options in Discussion Settings and comments started working.

Email is definitely the issue. I've tried a couple of SMTP plugins instead of relying on defaults but get the same error so I don't know what's actually causing it.

I've left the email notifications off for now so that things work until I can find the cause. There may, consequently, be a delay in me responding or reacting to comments.

  1. Nitin says: #
    Yeah, I noticed that but I thought you know about it already. As for comments... If you've got Jetpack installed, that'll tell you through the app that you've got new comments. If you're not using Jetpack, well, I dunno.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      It ended up being the Semantic Linkbacks plugin, which I fixed, so we’re all good again.
      1. Nitin says: #
        Hey I have that plugin too! But wait, it's inactive. I don't use most of the IndieWeb stuff I've installed. So I guess that's why I didn't see this issue till now. In your case, did updating the plugin do the job, or did you disable it and report it to the devs?
      2. Colin Walker says: #
        I fixed it myself then submitted a PR on GitHub 😉 The PR has been merged but an update not released yet.