# After a lot of dithering and coming up with reasons not to I have finally deactivated both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I don't use them and just can't see myself doing so any time soon.

I had previously deleted accounts on a number of services that I had joined over the years so these were the last holdouts.

Do I worry about someone taking my name in future when it can be recycled? No. This blog and my primary email accounts (.me.uk and .blog) are the canonical representation of me on the internet and I don't need anything else.

It's been a long time coming and I'm happy that I finally summoned the mettle to do it.

  1. thomasbibby says: #
    Nice post. I just posted a similar “I’m leaving Facebook” post tonight. Feels good to be finally leaving the big services behind.
  2. vincent says: #
    Congrats Colin 👌 It was the username for me too, but came to the same conclusion that my own website is me and only me. Micro.blog is a nice medium too though. Really enjoying the different people I find here with similar, and different, passions.
  3. schuth says: #
    Sincere congratulations. I haven’t gotten so far as to delete my accounts (primarily because I want to avoid namespace pollution), but I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective on participation on those increasingly toxic platforms.

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