# Thinking more on the subconscious, creatives strive to access it, use it as a tool, a source of ideas that they can't access from the conscious mind that has been programmed to follow the rules.

They struggle to reach it and plumb its depths.

Meditation seeks to go the other way, to silence the chatter but, ironically, when we try to be silent, to be still, this is the time when we encounter it most.

Could this be useful?

As Bryan commented:

"I wonder if instead of overriding that second voice, meditation might invite you to observe it, not letting it dominate, but letting it be; a subtle visitor offering something that might be of use."

How long have authors, poets, painters, musicians used drink or drugs to break down the barriers? Tried anything to open themselves to the subconscious and the treasures it holds.

What if meditation is a better gateway? What if, rather than stifling the subconscious voice, we encourage it, let its ideas invade our thoughts.

What could we do with it?

  1. patrickrhone says: #
    I've been enjoying reading your exploraton into mindfulness and meditation. You know, I wrotre a short guuide on this topic. Send me an email and I'll send you a copy.
  2. I’ve found this to be the case when I pray during my meditation time. Is praying a conscious or subconscious brain activity? My activity monitor shows little difference between calm and prayer time and my state of mind is just right for the days beginning. Calm, purposeful, aware.

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