# I've mentioned before that I love how Feedbin shows posts which have been updated and what those updates actually are.

Most bloggers will update a post from time to time, correct a typo or factual faux pas but once a post is done that's generally it.

But it doesn't have to be.

I've linked to Ann Althouse a couple of times before but really wanted to highlight how she writes. As well as having full posts done in one go she will often publish a beginning and then build on it over time as she processes the subject or more related news becomes available.

Take this extract from a post today:


I think that's great!

There's nothing that says a post is immutable, that it can't be extended or iterated. Still, our entrapment in ever flowing reverse chronological feeds has meant we don't return to something once we have visited. It's gone, history.

This is where the Feedbin functionality is perfect. A post can be updated any number of times and I will be prompted to go back, to re-engage.

Several years ago I pondered the "update vs new post" question but online convention usually dictates a new post so that others actually see it. Having each day as a sequence of chronological items, however, is kind of a half way house: yes, each item is separate but designed to be read in sequence and in situ.

Still, it's such a shame that we have gotten out of the habit of visiting sites directly, experiencing them as the owner intended. As RSS reader is the next best thing but it's just not the same.

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