# I've further reduced the apps on my home screen, striping things back to avoid distraction, and am still using the greyscale colour filter. I want everything I do on my phone to be a deliberate act.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Drafts 5 lets you choose from a selection of custom icons. That’s what I chose to distinguish it from the previous version.
  2. mrkrndvs says: #
    I like the point about being deliberate, my one word this year is intent. I have really culled the apps on my phone, especially in regards to social media.
  3. geist says: #
    nice setup! Thanks for sharing. How did you get the icons in the middle of the screen? Reachability?
  4. mrkrndvs says: #
    same, unless you count Hangouts as "social media". If for some random reason need anything else I use the browser.
  5. matthewlang says: #
    I've got a similar setup on my iPhone but I like having a wallpaper so the apps are sitting along the top.

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