# Sameer wrote a wonderfully contemplative and meditative post about "The sounds of the tea kettle" as it boils, realising that he emulates its behaviour -"simmering, and then roiling ... releasing a whistle of emotion before I grumble and sigh back to some kind of stasis" and so needs to rebuild his patience.

Let's face it, we're all a bit stressed and anxious right now.

It wasn't this that really caught my attention, however, it was this link to a piece about writing in the margins of books or otherwise marking them up as "an expression of hope for the future" or "a message for future readers, or for future versions of yourself."

I've never really been one to "read with a pen" - on the rare occasions that I do it's also with a notebook so that I can scribble my thoughts separately. I know why, it's because I went for so long without writing anything by hand, everything was done directly on my phone. Even now when I want to highlight a passage in a book I will, more often than not, take a photo of the page (or relevant section) for referral later.

Old habits die hard.

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