# I know I said I wasn't going to work on the non-WordPress version of the blog but I went to bed, couldn't sleep and had some ideas. Is it sad that my brain defaults to code when I can't sleep?

I can now post inline and am using Emanuil Rusev's Parsedown & ParsedownExtra libraries for PHP so that posts can be written in Markdown Extra. I mainly use Extra for footnotes and applying classes to images (width and alignment) so it is good to be able to retain that functionality.

I was reading Matthew Lang's post about moving back from micro.blog to his own domain using his own custom CMS and it inspired me to do some more work on mine. I know, I know!

Next up will be redoing the file uploads for images, both live & daily RSS feeds, and inline editing.

# I've improved posting and how posts are referenced. The mechanism to create the live RSS feed is also working so I now need to hook it in when a new post is created.

I'm using Font Awesome in place of WordPress' dashicons but the script to load them only runs when I'm logged in so as not to impede page performance for a normal visitor.

Almost there for what I would consider a minimum viable product.

    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Thanks Joe, but this is on the old WordPress site where everything is okay. I was just doing send tests from my new blog. I don't have an endpoint there yet.