# Nicholas Bate says to choose a word for 2020:

Whiteboard it. Write it every day on your planner, put the word on a handful of 3 by 5 cards and place them in strategic places as an ever-present reminder.

He even provides 101 suggestions for our consideration.

I last chose a word for the year in 2018: expand, but things didn't exactly work out as intended.

In light of this and a number of last year's posts I have decided that my word for 2020 is self-compassion.

I intend to be more forgiving of my failings rather than berate myself for them, hopefully journeying on a more constructive path to resolution.

I aim to allow myself time and space to accomplish things instead of consider them a failure if they don't work out immediately.

I want to take better care of me which, in turn, should allow me to take better care of others but must recognise that there is not a simple switch I can flick to make this happen. It will be a gradual process.

I don't let age define me but, as I approach 50, I don't want to enter that decade of my life with much of the emotional baggage I have been carting around, weighing me down and holding me back.

I will still have a lot of the same worries and considerations but will need to become much more stoic in my approach and can only achieve this by going easier on myself, forgiving myself certain things, and realising others are just not my fault.

  1. I think I'd find one word restrictive, so I've chosen three: https://chrislt.art/2020/01/01/my-three-words-for-2020/ :) I like your word, though, and you'll see I've mentioned kindness to myself and a couple of other themes that are similar to yours in my post. I hope 2020's a good year for you, Colin.