# Dave Winer writes that he can't live without Twitter even though it's a silo:

"I find it's an ideation tool for me. Sometimes just entering a series of connected ideas w/o the ability to go back and edit, forces a certain kind of thinking to come out that might succumb to too much editing."

Dave is an inspiration and part of what I've done here (specifically the Today and date views) arose because of ideas from his blog.

I get what he's saying - by handing over control you've got no option than letting it stand and there's a certain freedom in doing so - but wonder if he's being too literal.

Subscribed to his RSS feed it is readily apparent that he often blogs like a thread of tweets, a paragraph at a time, each appearing as a separate item in your feed reader.

As Dave writes, and constantly tweaks, his own blogging software I imagine it would be fairly simple for him to negate the need for Twitter by constructing an environment where he can't go back and edit his posts once published. At least not without a degree of friction.

(I don't know how his system works.)

Not to put words in his mouth but maybe, because he has absolute control, he feels it would be too easy to return to posts regardless of whatever measures he puts in place.

  1. amit says: #
    Agreed. And micro.blog kind of lends parity given I can’t edit the posts here. And editing it back on my blog is too much of a friction - preventing me from doing so.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    But you could if you wanted. I’m thinking about a mechanism to prevent editing unless you really dig into things like databases.
  3. amit says: #
    for me, it’s editing the post in a text editor and sending out as an additional commit - for CI to build and deploy. Enough friction to not go through it. No edits might become difficult when it’s a set of disparate endpoints for the posts.
  4. dgold says: #
    I agree with you. I never even followed Dave on twitter, just read his rss feed. The idea that he doesn't feel he can express his ideas immediately on his site just doesn't seem to match the experience as a reader.